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Thanks to everyone who notified me about the full folders!
I've now opened two new May folders, May.04 and May.05!

If there are ant issues, please let me (Koikii) or SolKorra know and we can fix it!

But please remember: you have to be a member of the group to submit to these folders!

Thanks everyone, have a great week!

Koikii and SolKorra

Hi everyone!

:star:I just wanted to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017! :star:

Here's to the new year!

Thanks so much for being a part of this group, both me and Sol really appreciate it!
Keep it up, your work is amazing!

Best wishes from the admin,
Koikii and SolKorra


Hi everyone! :icondragonhi:

Finally here are the winners of our contest "February Character Design Contest #1!"

They Are

1st Place

x-Zylk-x :iconx-zylk-x:

Characterdesign - Kaja by x-Zylk-x

2nd Place


Ask and Die by JunverseAyame Cornered by Junverse

3rd Place

TswordZ :icontswordz:

Female ninja assasin - Drawing by TswordZFemale ninja assasin - Neutral by TswordZ


Assasin2 Character Design challenge by Escorpion151195Kin by owliviAyako pose 3/4 by pakamaka

Tarmac Artichoke by darkchapel666Hana Character Design 3/4 by NekohimeKagepuma


And Thanks for all participants!

Soon an other contest will be start!


Koikii  and SolKorra 

Hi to all! :icondragonhi:

Well, I was thinking about do an Art Contest here, for fun, for maybe help some new artist who is starting in the thematic of "Character design", etc.

So, This will be the first Art contest of the group and I hope some of you want participle!

Let's start!

For this month:

Ancient Japanese Assassin

                                                                                  An example

#034 Blue Assassin by SolKorra


1- The character should be a Female, between the 25-35 years old.

2- Should have a thematic color in the general design. (in the example is blue)

3- Her general look (clothes, maybe hair look too) should be based in Japanese old clothes, but of course can have some fantasy details.

4- The weapons should be real and from the old times too.

5- She should have a sequel, injury, scar, signs of past fights(in the example, the blind eye).

Form of Presentation:

1- Study sketches, of the character look, clothes, weapons, etc.

2- Simple presentation in a neutral pose (3/4 front) Example: Cyberpunk Journalist by SolKorra

3- The last image in a special pose you like. (like the example)

4- Upload all to your Gallery or in and comment with the link.


500 :points: to the first place!

200 :points: to the second place!

100 :points: to the third place!

and 5 features for mentions!

Dead Line 29th of February!

Good Luck to all!

Organizer SolKorra :iconsolkorra:

Hi everyone! How are you? :icondragonhi:

Well, is time to post the Get Feature Winners!

They Are:

Akagi Ritsuko (young) by miura-n315Try to left my lines practice elven girl by ipheliNieth Commission by NazNemati

Naruto : Grab The Kunai by satyowhy
Boba Fett the Colossal by Andrew-LimRunes by TacticsOgre

Fox Adoptable 57 (OPEN) by roxan1930Snow guardian. by Zary-CZDaily Drawing Day 417 Tanuki by MidnightHuntingWolf

Beware of the Bear by HGManiac15Helmet by ArtAnjourSpace Monkey! by Akari-Fu

Liberty Bridge by rembo78Leblos by PassionAndTheCamera
Background Commission Series - Bookstore by Shinobi-201Sacred Geometry Leather Messenger Bag by EastCoastLeather

Dude by Hands-hooksVoyage Of The Fallen by Eithnne

Congratulations to all!

Amazing pieces!

Do you want win a feature? Choose your best piece and submit to the Get Feature Folder!

Every week new features! :D


Koikii  and SolKorra 

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